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Why May to August is a dangerous time for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Personal Injury

Motorcyclists in Virginia face even more risks on the roads between May and August. In fact, numbers indicate that this period is the most dangerous for motorcycle riders.

In 2022, half of all motorcycle crashes in Virginia occurred during these months.

1. Increased traffic and outdoor activities

Several factors cause the spike in motorcycle accidents during this time. Warmer weather and longer daylight hours encourage more people to ride motorcycles. Additionally, there is an increase in tourist traffic and outdoor activities. More vehicles on the road naturally lead to a higher potential for collisions.

2. Dangerous driving by car and truck drivers

Many drivers do not pay enough attention to motorcycles, often failing to check blind spots or signal properly before changing lanes. Likewise, the use of mobile phones, eating and other distractions take drivers’ attention away from the road. This behavior can lead to sudden stops or erratic driving patterns that endanger motorcyclists, who have less protection and reaction time.

3. Road conditions and maintenance

After winter, roads often have more debris, potholes and other hazards that can be particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. Road maintenance may also be underway, creating additional risks with uneven surfaces and construction zones.

Safety measures and precautions

Car and truck drivers should be extra vigilant and mindful of motorcycles, ensuring they give motorcyclists enough space and always check their blind spots. Motorcyclists should also ensure their motorcycles are in good condition by performing regular maintenance checks and taking extra precautions when riding in heavy traffic or unfamiliar areas.

Injured motorcyclists can seek compensation to help with medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. Unfortunately, the process can be complex. Motorcyclists must navigate the physical and emotional aftermath of an accident and the intricacies of proving fault and securing fair compensation.