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The Virginia Mountain/Valley Lawyers’ Alliance

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About the VMVLA

Bruce Russell is the 2022 president of VMVLA.

Despite covering more than 50% of the Commonwealth’s land area, there are fewer than 3,600 attorneys in the Mountain/Valley Region of Virginia – there are more Virginia-licensed attorneys with addresses of record in Washington DC. The Virginia Mountain/Valley Lawyers’ Alliance (VMVLA) is all about practicing law in the Mountain/Valley Region of Virginia (Circuits 10, 16 and 20-30) and working to meet the needs of attorneys whose practices are not centered on the major urban areas of the state.

Most of what the VMVLA does, it does for free – this includes an ongoing project to compile directories of the various circuits in the region, maintaining a news blog for topics of interest to attorneys in the region, providing a web presence for local bar associations that request it, and most importantly offering free and low-cost CLE programs. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, CLE programs for 2021 are being presented virtually.

To suggest topics and locations for future seminars or to volunteer to be a presenter (presenters receive lifetime free admission to future seminars), please visit our Contact page.