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3 steps to take after a bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Personal Injury

While Virginia offers many pleasant nature views, the traffic leads to potential risks for bicyclists.

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, 544 bicycle crashes happened in 2021. If you get hit while riding your bike, take the following steps.

1. Call the police

Even if the incident seems minor, contact the police. Filing a report ensures that essential documentation happens from the beginning, including the date, location, time and witness statements. If you file a claim, this information will help your case. It will also ensure a negligent driver receives the proper citations.

2. Seek medical attention

While you may think you just have a few minor bumps and scrapes, some serious injuries take time to appear. Along with getting first aid on the scene, get a doctor’s evaluation as soon as possible. When it comes to biking injuries, a crash may lead to issues with the brain, neck and spine. You may also have a hidden internal injury. Some of these injuries have long-lasting effects that may impact different facets of your life.

3. Document the situation

If possible, document as much as you can while at the crash location. Take note of the events leading up to the crash, including the road conditions. Take photos of any injuries, damage to your bike, the scene itself and the vehicle that hit you. Try and get contact information from any witnesses and accounts of what they witnessed.

Whether you ride your bike for transportation, exercise or fun, it comes with inherent risks while traveling on roads with vehicles.