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How To Fight DUI Charges

When you are facing DUI charges, you need to be aware of what is at stake in your case. When consequences like fines, higher insurance, ignition interlock devices and license suspension are at stake, you need to be sure you are doing everything possible to challenge your charges. Your first step in defending yourself should be contacting a skilled criminal defense attorney.

At the Lebanon, Virginia, office of Bruce H. Russell II, P.C., we put our extensive experience in criminal law to work for our clients. Attorney Bruce Russell, II, is a former prosecutor. He uses his experience to find weaknesses in the government’s cases and protect our clients’ rights.

How We Will Stand For You

There are multiple ways to fight DUI charges, no matter how bleak things may look. When we take your case, we will explore all possible options for overcoming your charges, including:

  • Proving police error
  • Establishing a lack of probable cause
  • Shedding light on tampered or missing evidence
  • Looking for grounds to dismiss the case
  • Negotiating to reduce the charges or penalties

Every DUI case we take is unique. We take the time needed to learn about all the details that make up your case and develop an effective strategy to represent you.

Contact Our Law Firm Today

A DUI conviction can mean losing your license, freedom and future. Instead of proceeding without a lawyer and risking the worst, let a Virginia DUI defense lawyer fight for the best possible outcome. Call our office at 276-286-2726 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation with a skilled and committed criminal defense attorney today. Our main office is located next to the courthouse in Lebanon. We are available by appointment in Abingdon and Tazewell.