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Compassionate Legal Counsel Through Every Step Of The Divorce Process

Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging times in your life. At Bruce H. Russell II, P.C., we understand the struggles and uncertainty you face. Our law firm in Lebanon, Virginia, is here to provide you with the guidance and support you need during this difficult transition. With decades of experience serving the communities of Lebanon, Abingdon and Tazewell, we bring high-caliber legal services right to your doorstep.

Attorney Bruce Russell II, a proud native of Southwest Virginia, is a former prosecutor with a well-established reputation in the area. However, at Bruce H. Russell II, P.C., we’re more than just lawyers; we’re your neighbors, ready to extend a helping hand with warmth and understanding. We are dedicated to offering personal care to each client, ensuring that you feel heard, supported and confidently represented.

Understanding The Divorce Process In Virginia

Divorce is a complex process, and in Virginia, you have options that can shape the journey ahead. Whether you are facing a contested divorce, where you and your spouse cannot agree on key issues, or an uncontested divorce, where you have reached an agreement, it’s crucial to understand the requirements for each.

Contested divorces often involve court hearings and can be lengthier, while uncontested divorces are typically more straightforward and can be resolved more quickly. However, both paths require careful legal navigation to protect your interests.

Throughout the divorce process, our firm can also assist you with:

  • The property division process
  • Debt and asset division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony and spousal support

Negotiating these aspects of your divorce settlement can be daunting, but you do not have to face them alone. Working with an experienced family law attorney is vital to protecting your interests and securing your future. Virginia follows an equitable distribution model when dividing property, assets and debts. This means that the court may not order an even 50/50 split between you and your spouse. Our familiarity with local courts and our hands-on approach can make a significant difference in achieving a fair and favorable outcome when it comes to debt and asset division.

Take The First Step Towards A New Beginning

If you face the complicated process of filing for divorce, our experienced and compassionate legal team can help you through each step of the process. You can trust us to provide you with the legal support you need to move forward with your life and start anew. To schedule a consultation at our Lebanon office, call us at 276-286-2726 or fill out our online contact form.